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    What we do today helps tomorrow

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  • M & S Contracts Ltd

    We always strive for the best.


    We are a 2nd generation family business that are based in Glasgow and have been successfully trading for more than 30 years.

    We have worked in all aspects of the construction industry over the years and have completed projects all over the United Kingdom.

    All our works are fully insured and come complete with guarantees.



    We are passionate about providing a honest and professional service in all aspects of our business regardless of the size of contract.

    Peace of mind installations, registered with the following


    Select Registration No 14031


    We are passionate about our commitment to the environment and have been involved in the renewable sector for many years, installing Biomass boilers, PV solar panels, Solar thermal panels and EV car charging points.


    SEECT approved. All installations comply with the I.E.E Regulations are fully insured and guaranteed

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    Let's get prepared.

    From February 2022, it will be against the law to reside in a home without an interlinked fire alarm system.


    Get ahead of the game with M & S Contracts using the contact us option for a free quote.


    For more information click the Fire Alarm Regulations 2022 option in the menu.

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    Peace of mind.

    At M & S Contracts we can carry out all types of inspection and testing on your property or business.


    EICR certificates for all types of electrical installations

    Fire alarm installations, testing and commissioning service

    Emergency lighting installations


    As a SELECT approved contractor we have access to the latest electronic certification program.

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    Expertise and quality.

    With over 30 years of trading, we at M & S Contracts Ltd. pride ourselves on our quality of work and reputation.


    We carry out installations in domestic, industrial and commercial premises and all our work comes fully insured & guaranteed.

  • What We Do


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    Network Cabiling

    .Why is data cabling so important?
    Your network can only perform as much as your data cabling allows, so choosing a data cable with specifications that will support these transmissions is vital. When it comes to wireless networks, ensuring a reliable, clean and speedy connection between switches and access points is especially important. With hundreds of devices often connecting to a single AP, it is – in part – the quality of your data cabling that determines whether the performance promised by your switches and access points reaches the end user or device.
    The type of cabling you need will depend on the technology you want to connect to your network, the environment and construction of your workplace (indoor/outdoor, underground, building type), as well as your budget. You also need to consider your future requirements; your network is constantly evolving as technology advances, so your data cabling needs to be able to support tomorrow’s bandwidth and throughput demands.e info, summarize a topic, or tell a story.

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    CCTV Installations

    From knowing who’s at your front door to protecting your commercial property, we can supply a wide variety of CCTV systems to suit your situation and budget.
    Security cameras are a valuable addition in your armoury against unwanted visitors.
    Bespoke CCTV installation
    When it comes to CCTV systems and security cameras, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’. That’s why we take the time to find out exactly what you need and only then recommend the best system for your property.

    Commercial CCTV systems
    Our CCTV systems can range from a single camera to a network covering a large complex with multiple buildings and car parks. Technology is progressing fast; our systems can detect motion from a potential intruder, and include facial or number plate recognition that can then link to access control units if required.
    You can view footage on your PC or smartphone, or opt for the police or private guard response to monitor illicit activity.
    our installations can also be included with intruder installations.

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    Intruder Installations

    If you are looking for a highly effective way to enhance security at your property, intruder alarms from M&S Contracts Ltd could be a wise investment. Imagine the damage and expense that theft or vandalism could leave you facing.
    We offer intruder alarm systems which are designed to provide the high standards of protection that both domestic and commercial customers require. By detecting unwanted intruders, these alarms can alert you to any breach of your premises, and can be effectively used in both occupied and empty premises.
    We can provide monitoring for burglar alarms at commercial and residential properties alike, as well as a comprehensive installation, maintenance and repairs service. We also offer bespoke alarm systems which can be tailored to the individual requirements of each of our customers.
    With an emergency 24 hour callout service which can provide assistance when you need it most, as well as free surveys, we offer security services and alarm systems – including fire alarms – which meet consistently high standards.

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    EV Charging

    M&S Contracts Ltd provide all aspects of residential and commercial electric vehicle charging installation on a nationwide basis.


    Our EV charger installations are carried out by fully qualified personel, each completed project is tested, commisioned and certified on completion.


    We are more than happy to give free consultation to ensure the right charging point is installed for your specific type of electric vehicle.

    Electric vehicles are no longer a fad, but are the future of transportation, and here to stay for the long term! The popularity and number of electric vehicles on the roads in the United Kingdom has increased rapidly. This is largely down to Government schemes, more awareness about global warming, stylish designs and cheaper running costs (e.g. no road tax, no fuel, etc).


    If you are looking to install a new EV charger, then contact us for a free quote today. We offer a quality, reliable and affordable electric car charging installation.


    This includes site surveys, design, supply, installation, registration, monitoring, SMART control and ongoing maintenance.

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    Home Automation

    The ultimate home automation solution is made by combining the different technologies together within one system

    Everything you want to watch is at your fingertips, wherever you are in the home. Simple to use and all High Definition

    Control your entire music library or favourite music streaming service from the palm of your hand and listen in high fidelity

    Take Control of your heating and climate from anywhere in the world

    Elegant lighting options for homes, whether contemporary new build or period properties

    The ultimate in home technology, relax in a custom cinema room built with expertise and care

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    Fire Alarms

    Fire alarms are required in most facilities, in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order and the Fire Risk Assessment.

    In Scotland from February 2022 all domestic premises must have ionterlinked smoke alarms.

    British Standards defines the category required for a specific risk. M&S Contracts Ltd will work with you to develop a Fire Risk Assessment that will specify the category of system required to meet your risk.

    depending on the Category of installation, emergency lighting may be mandatory.

    British Standards defines the category required for a specific risk. M&S Contracts Ltd will work with you to develop a Fire Risk Assessment that will specify the category of system required to meet your risk.

    we can also provide maintenace and all required certification to meet with current legislation for both fire alarm and emergency lighting installations.

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